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Meet the
New Generation

Heating your house and receiving hot water has never been so ecological, economical, smart, easy and reliable as it is now, with the new generation of boilers and heat pumps from Hoval.

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Taking responsibility for Energy and Environment and living comfortably at the same time is now easier than ever before.

With the new generation of boilers and heat pumps from Hoval you will use less energy, reduce your environmental footprint and help to preserve the planet.



The new generation of Hoval boilers and heat pumps have best in class efficiency helping you to cut your energy bill.

With just a click of a mouse they give you real time and historical information about their performance and efficiency, so you always have an overview on your energy costs.



You can automatically use the weather forecast in real time to heat up your house on colder mornings and reduce the power should it turn into a warm afternoon. You can also control your heating over your smartphone to adjust it to your daily or weekly routine - so you save energy during the day but also enjoy the warmth in the evening.

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Available on the AppStore Android app on Google Play
Available on the AppStore Android app on Google Play


The new generation "speaks the same language" so you can easily combine them or extend them with thermal solar-panels to reach the highest energy efficiency standards.

Your personal Hoval expert is happy to assist.

All it takes is just a phone call or a message.

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You can fully rely on us.

The new generation Hoval boilers and heat pumps will automatically inform you when they need maintenance or repair.

A Hoval service partner is always nearby to assist you.

More than 500'000 satisfied customers worldwide can confirm this. Our references speak for themselves.


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